My Journey from City of Joy to Silicon Valley | Kolkata to Bangalore

Have you ever experienced the quest of delving into the intricacies of life or Do you believe in Destiny?

My journey from Kolkata to Bangalore is somehow I feel has its reflection. A journey to find new me with new potential and new beginning. Shielded from all sorts of insecurities and distress in my own city though the quest to redefine the proficiency within kept on muddling me head to toe.  This stage of crossroads in life was becoming tough to handle. On the one hand home sickness was not giving me consent to think about giving a change to life by changing my very own place on the other hand the mental turmoil was not allowing me to sleep. This mare’s nest was befogging and turning me upside down which even became a cause of concern for all my family members. Then came the suggestion from my brother staying in Bangalore to move down to the city. Change of place and environment could do some wonders and favour my psyche was his line of thought for that set of circumstances. This piece of advice came as a rescue amidst cerebral uproar. Finally, I made myself prepared to move into completely new set of living and environment with new hopes and light at the end of the tunnel.

Kolkata City


From the very next day my preparation for a new venture started. First thing I did was booked my ticket for the journey and it was Spicejet which was going to make me fly from the city of my nest to the city of exploration on 16th January 2016. So began the exhilarating phase of my preparation. It was a month’s time before my departure. I started planning for giving way to my pursuit of writing a professional aspect as I was a blogger and an efficient writer who was very much into writing and pushing my pencil was my life. So as the days were passing my zeal and zest were expanding in all dimensions. Eventually the day was about to knock but it was on 15th January that I started feeling nervous and low considering the fact that I was leaving my home, my city and was getting nostalgic. The thought of staying away from my Mom and Dad was wrecking my heart again and again. But then it was ultimately my decision to rephrase my life so I had to accept that. That last day in my city at my sweet home on my own bed, I kept awake whole night for two reasons, one was the recollection of “memories” which kept my eyes dewy and other was the early morning timing of my flight which did not let me close my eyes. So as the clock struck 3, I got me and my luggage ready, to leave for the airport. I booked the taxi and left for the airport by 3.30 am with my parents. We reached there by 4.15 am. The departure time of my flight was 6 am so I had to leave for check in. So it was time to bid good bye to my mom and dad. With heavy heart they blessed me for happy future and with moist eyes finally I left for check in.

Bangalore City


As soon as I was done with identity and luggage verification, I went to luggage counter of Spicejet and handed over my luggage there. Then I went for security checking. And after I was done with all by 5.00 am, I stepped towards the waiting lobby. The moment I got my place to sit, my eyes fell on a family of Mom, Dad and a Daughter who too were going to board the same flight which was visible from their cabin luggage tags. The feeling of nostalgia once again immersed me into the thoughts of my parents. Soon with the twinkling of clock, boarding for flight no. SG1031 from Gate no. 03 to Bengaluru hit my ears and I drove my mind again from back gear to front and got myself stand in the queue of the passengers to step ahead towards the airbus.

Finally I got into the flight and adjusted myself on my seat no- 8A. It was 5.15 am. I started counting minutes sitting there for the flight to take off. Very soon the safety instructions by the air hostess started and when the clock hit 5.50 am, plane started moving on the runway and eventually with increasing speed finally my flight left off the land of my city. The whole journey was interesting with the view of flight floating amidst the black and white clouds over the ocean. It took 2 and half hours of time to land on the floor of Kempegowda International Airport.

As I landed on the airport, it was an enthralling view with lots of greenery, cleanliness and superb infrastructure which appeared even more pleasing when I got myself entered into the edifice and went to collect the luggage towards luggage belt. But then the mind was jittering with lots of questions simmering into it.

With the advent of searching answer to the questions burgeoning in mind, I forged ahead towards the exit gate. There my brother was waiting to receive me. So as soon as I met him, we left for his home. Now I was on the roads of that city which I thought would change my life. So you can imagine the level of thrill and enthusiasm accompanied with apprehension, nervousness and anxiety within me. Heap of questions were getting assembled in each corner of my mind, if this city will give me what I had thought of? or if I will be able to come up to the expectations of this city? A city with new language, new people, new kind of food taste and above all a new environment was just appearing to me an alien world but with a silver lining that it is certainly going to offer me something of my interest.

Nevertheless in the thick of fluctuating apprehensions and things with feathers in mind, we reached bro’s home at HSR Layout. From the very next day I started exploring jobs and internship portal to take my step forward towards work of my dream. Suddenly my eyes stopped at one of the recruiters post for the company name “Home Adda”. When I went through the Job description of the same, it seemed as if my I have got my stop. So you can easily guess what was my next step. Yes!! You guessed it right… I applied for that job and was called for the interview the following week. As I went, first thing I noticed was the cordial and peaceful environment inside the office where “if I would work as content developer for which I went to have face to face interview, then can easily give words to my expressions and can make my mind work at its best” this was the thought rushing into my mind.

So with no surprise as I was much confident on my abilities, I got a positive response and Hurray!!! I was inn. It just made me feel as if it was my day and above all my hope turned into reality. Now I had a job of my interest, my passion and my fervour. The congestion of my mind was fading away with lots of zeal getting in. I was feeling as if my life has been newly painted with vibrant colors. That day I realised that if you really desire something from your heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it. Today I am very happy like over the moon with Home Adda and moreover with the work of my interest and the locality I live in, which is J.P. Nagar, one of the oldest residential areas of Bangalore. Though this area basically has local population due to which medium of my interaction with them is English but I find this area very convenient to commute as it has brilliant connectivity to all parts of the city and also all kinds of food you can get to taste here from South Indian to North Indian. So this variety and diversity yet the comfort and ease of life is what makes me feel secure and comfortable here. Now I have at least the answer to the question which I asked you at the beginning of this narrative. Yes I have experienced the quest of delving into the intricacies of life and I do believe in destiny.

As soon as I started working with Home Adda, I was assigned to work on five pre-eminent projects of real estate which were of Godrej, Prestige and Sobha, the most esteemed and reputable real estate developers in South India. By the name Godrej, first thing which comes into our mind is security solutions like locker. So when it comes to real estate business of Godrej it is pretty much same as security and reliability. This is what is displayed in both these spectacular projects Godrej avenues and Godrej Devanahalli.

Another sumptuous developer Prestige reflects its name in all its projects. Prestige Kew Gardens and Prestige Lake Ridge, two projects of Prestige Group which I worked on, casts back the image of eminence and illustriousness in all aspects. It adds prestige to your life style undoubtedly. On one hand Kew Gardens reverberates the calm and cool frame with lush greenery all around on the other hand Lake Ridge as its name signifies is a whole project laid by a lake to give it a calm and soothing ambience.

Fifth project I worked on was of Sobha developers. Yes you heard it right and the name of the project was Sobha Gateway of Dreams. Isn’t the name interesting?? It is interesting and when I got to know about its detailing, the very first thought that stroke my mind was I too should own one of the flats under this project. It is just the real version of your dream, it provides you with all you dream to have in your abode. So this project justifies its name truly well.

So the experiences which I hold till the present day of my life, out of that I want to confess and suggest you all that do the work to which you can give your best and then enjoy the happiness out of it, be it anything. So decide judiciously and then act. Nothing will and can entertain you much more than that. On that note my journey here continues with Home Adda.


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