Reasons Why Ready-To-Move In Homes Are Better

Ready-to-move-in homes can save your tax

Most of us get confused with the very thought of investing in a property. The availability of so many options from prelaunch to ready-to-move-in will surely leave you bewildered. Under construction projects are often found to be risky as anything could happen in the phase of construction. If the builder goes out of cash or any unwanted circumstances occurs then there will be a delay in giving possession.

Prelaunch developments offer a lot of discounts but it is unsure whether the construction will take place in real or not and when, as most of the important approvals are still not in.

In this blog, we will find out why ready-to-move-in projects are better and safer than the rest.

• Pay for what you see- Unlike prelaunch and ongoing projects in a ready-to-move home you get what you see. Since the property is already constructed there are no hidden surprises to get. You just need to complete the formalities and other payment-related matters.
• Save on tax- You can save tax when you buy a ready-to-move-in property. So, as a buyer, you will be exempted from paying service tax. Banks will readily give loans and you will get more options to pay off at better rates.
• Save your rental money- If you are staying in a rented apartment then, that money could be saved. Instead, if you are not planning to move in soon then till that time you can offer it for rent.
• No waiting time- In a ready to move apartment the waiting time is zero as the property is already constructed and ready to be occupied. Whereas, in an ongoing and pre-launch project the possession time is mostly uncertain due to unwanted circumstances.
• The risk factor is low- Compared to under construction projects, ready to move projects are less risky. There have been cases where the builder failed to deliver the project on given time or was unable complete the project due to the cash crunch and various other reasons.

In a city like Bangalore getting a ready-to-move-in home becomes very crucial with good surroundings and easy accessibilities to important locations. We at can ease your search with the below-given property list to find your dream abode with just a click.

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